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Bizzcardz reduces workload and data entry; in a seamless way. It has been carefully crafted by the business for the business.


Bizzcardz is more than a pretty packaging : It’s also an efficient way to reduce wastage from paper printing.
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We have conceived the last business card you will ever have to own.

It combines new technologies and automation in a stylish and highly marketable way.

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BizzCardz manage it.

GDPR Proof

The BizzCardz ecosystem has been analyzed by data management experts and lawyers.


Whether you are self-employed, a multi-hatted entrepreneur or a company with more than 500 employees, the data import system has been designed to facilitate encoding regardless of the number of cards to be created.

Mail Pairing

Your business card can be included directly in your email signature.

Integration Friendly

The data from the recorded business cards can be exported via specific files. Automated integrations with third-party software are planned in the pipe.

Team Spirit

You can share your colleagues' business cards in 1 click

Shareable with everyone

You receive a paper card! Our OCR technology helps you integrate your contact into BIZZCARDZ and from there into your directory and/or your CRM.
Through his phone, he automatically retrieves your details from his contacts.

Calculate your direct gain!

Scenario: Price for 250 "Standard" cards with economy delivery


Save about €16 compared to paper cards


Save about €30 compared to paper cards

Go paperless. </>

We understand that a change of habit is difficult. This is not the case here

Does your company have more than 70 cards?